Call for Invited Sessions

Proposals are sought from those wishing to organize an invited session on a specific topic. The proposal of an invited session must contain a summary statement describing the motivation and relevance of the proposed session as well as a short description of the papers in the session before June 20,2023.

Invited session proposals are made by an (or more) organizer(s) according to the procedure described below. The proposal has to be followed by the individual submission of the full version of all invited papers. Each paper will be individually reviewed and invited session proposals will be rated as a whole. At the discretion of the program committee, individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and placed in the regular program, and appropriate contributed papers may be moved into the session. Likewise, selected papers from a rejected invited session may be placed into the regular program.

Invited Sessions Proposals

Submission Procedure

Invited Sessions


The submission procedure for (podium or interactive) invited sessions is as follows.




The organizer should submit an invited session proposal including the session title, session chair(s), a brief session description, and the list of papers (title, authors, and affiliation). In this description it should be specified whether the session is proposed as a podium or interactive invited session. Submissions have to be made electronically within the Conference Manuscript ManagementSystem.

Soon after the submission of the proposal, the organizer will receive a Session Code by e-mail. This code is automatically issued by the system. The organizer should then distribute the Session Code to the authors of the invited session papers.

Individual authors of the invited session papers should submit their papers through the “Invited Session Paper” link at the submission system using the appropriate Session Code they received from the organizer.

Contact Information

Secretariat of the Program Committee:
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